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  • How much exposure to SKYVIEW 2 Pro do I need to benefit from it?

    We recommend that you place your SKYVIEW 2 Pro in the room you occupy the most. Ideally, you spend a minimum of 4 hours per day in this room. If no space qualifies, do not worry! We recommend that you put SKYVIEW 2 Pro in your bedroom where you can wake up to its sunrise. That will have a big impact on your morning routine and your sleep quality. SKYVIEW should be positioned at a standard distance from your face, in your direct line of sight. Approximately 3 feet or 0.9 meters from your face on a workstation, bedside table, or living room area is a good distance. Ideally, yes, you would have a SKYVIEW for each room that is frequently occupied, especially the rooms you are sleeping or working in.


  • How to assemble my SKYVIEW 2 Pro.

    Before assembling your SKYVIEW 2 Pro, please ensure you have downloaded and installed the SKYVIEW App on your mobile device or tablet. Follow the steps below to assemble your SKYVIEW 2 Pro, you may also watch a video tutorial of this process.

    1. Open your SKYVIEW 2 Pro box.
    2. Remove the base and the light engine.
    3. Connect the light engine to the base of the lamp.
    4. Plug in power at the bottom of the base.
    5. Carefully remove the glass globe from the box.
    6. Rotate the glass globe clockwise to it to the base.
    7. Insert the AC plug of power supply unit into a wall outlet with a voltage between 100V and 240V. (Standard US (United States) residential voltage is 120V.)
    8. Your SKYVIEW 2 Pro will turn on with a flashing red light, signaling that it is in pairing mode.
        • If your SKYVIEW 2 Pro does not have the flashing red light, press, and hold the dial button for approximately 10 seconds to initiate the pairing mode.
    9. Follow the instructions on the SKYVIEW App, you may also view our support video on Pairing Your SKYVIEW Lamp to the SKYVIEW App for a walkthrough.

  • Features of the SKYVIEW 2 Pro dial.

    Your SKYVIEW can be operated manually, without being connected to a schedule. Using the SKYVIEW dial you can manually turn the light on/off, dim the light up or down, toggle between day and night modes, and engage pairing mode.

  • How do I remove my SKYVIEW 2 Pro glass globe?

    To remove the glass globe, twist the globe counter-clockwise. Please handle with extreme care when removing the glass globe.

  • Where should I place my SKYVIEW 2 Pro?

    Your SKYVIEW™ is designed to provide benefits in the rooms where you spend the most of your time. Ideally, yes, you would have a SKYVIEW for each room that is frequently occupied, especially the rooms you are sleeping or working in. To receive the best effect and benefits, SKYVIEW 2 Pro should be positioned at a standard distance from your face as most table lamps. It is recommended that 3 feet or 0.9 meters from your face on a workstation, bedside table, or living room area. This placement will provide the correct amount of light to meet standard recommendations for daytime, evening, and nighttime to best support your physiology, sleep, and wakefulness.

    There are plenty of locations to place your SKYVIEW 2 Pro. Placing SKYVIEW on your bedside table or nightstand in your bedroom provide additional benefits - the automatic sunrise feature wakes you up during the lightest part of your sleep, boosting your morning awakening response and gently welcoming you into the new day.



    You can adjust the light to a “comfortable” brightness level using the dial on base. Twist the dial counterclockwise to dim the lamp, and clockwise to increase the brightness. Check out our support video for a tutorial on brightening and dimming your SKYVIEW 2 Pro.

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  • My SKYVIEW 2 Pro is hurting my eyes, why is this?

    Photophobia, or a sensitivity to light, can be brought on by sleep deprivation. To help combat this sleep deprivation and light sensitivity, dim your SKYVIEW at approximately 60% brightness and continue to use it for a few weeks. This will help you sleep better, and help make you less sensitive to your SKYVIEW 2 Pro. Then you can gradually increase the intensity to get the best benefits.

  • Is my SKYVIEW 2 Pro user serviceable?

    Yes, the light engine can be replaced. Please contact our customer support team for additional instructions and next steps: Technical Support

  • How do I remove or disconnect my SKYVIEW 2 Pro from the SKYVIEW app?

    Refer to the steps below:

    1. Open your SKYVIEW App.
    2. In the “Devices” tab and press and hold the desired device (or select the 3 dots in the right had side of the screen, below the (+) icon and select “Device Management.")
    3. Select the SKYVIEW device you want to remove.
    4. Select “Remove Device” at the bottom of the screen.
  • How do I clean my SKYVIEW 2 Pro?

    Refer to the following tips to clean your SKYVIEW 2 Pro:

    • Unplug the lamp from its power source before cleaning. 
    • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe down the lamp's surface. Microfiber cloths are a good option for cleaning lamps. 
    • If the lamp has a lot of dust or dirt buildup, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it down. Be careful not to get any water inside the lamp or on the electrical components. 
    • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials, as these can damage the lamp's finish or components. 
    • Regularly dust and wipe down the lamp to prevent buildup and keep it looking its best. 
  • My SKYVIEW 2 Pro globe and/or light engine is broken, what can I do?

    The SKYVIEW 2 Pro light engine and globe can be replaced. Please Contact Us and we will be able to assist you. Please note a replacement fee may apply.

  • My SKYVIEW 2 Pro schedule does not run as expected.

    Here are a few troubleshooting tips in this scenario:

    • Check your lamp’s Wi-Fi connection by first opening your SKYVIEW App. From the “Device” page see if the lamp in question displays an “Offline” notice. If the lamp is offline, please perform the following steps:
        1. Remove power from the lamp for 30 seconds.
        2. Plug the lamp back into power when the 30 seconds have expired.
        3. The lamp will reconnect to its assigned Wi-Fi device within 90 seconds.
        4. Refresh the app by closing and reopening your SKYVIEW App.
        5. If needed, reboot your Wi-Fi router to refresh all Wi-Fi connections.
    • Check your schedule settings and confirm the following details:
        1. Times match what you had set up for your schedule.
        2. Check the brightness levels on each of the scenes.
        3. AM/PM is displayed correctly.
        4. Confirm that you do not have any Auto On / OFF schedules running during this time.
    • Your SKYVIEW 2 Pro might be “dimmed to off.” To check, spin the dial clockwise a few times and see if your SKYVIEW 2 Pro displays light.
    • Try restarting your SKYVIEW App. Once you re-open it, confirm the schedule details match what you had set up.


    Please Contact Us for further assistance.

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