SKYVIEW Pro Lamp and App Information

  • I’m having trouble connecting my SKYVIEW Pro to the BIOS Lighting mobile app.

    Please refer to the attached document which will help to explain the pairing process.

    Please contact SKYVIEW™ tech support team for more information for Technical Support and our team will assist you from there.

  • How do I remove my SKYVIEW Pro globe?

    Please note: Your SKYVIEW Pro globe is not designed to be removed, please do not remove unless our Customer Service team has instructed you to do so.

    If you have been instructed to remove your SKYVIEW Pro globe, please follow these instructions:

    1. Insert a paper clip or similar into the lock release hole on the bottom of the globe seat. You will feel the spring loaded lock give as you press.
    2. Carefully turn the globe counterclockwise to disengage the globe from the seat.
    3. Raise the globe straight up and off the seat.

  • How do I make a SKYVIEW Pro software update?

    In your BIOS Lighting App, navigate to the “General Settings” tab. Then scroll to the bottom of your screen.

    If there is a software update available, it will appear here.

    Select “UPDATE DEVICE SOFTWARE” to begin update.


                      IMG_4680.jpg        SVPRO.jpeg


    Please contact our SKYVIEW™ Technical Support for further assistance.


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